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  • the box Pyrit 212 Sub A

    the box Pyrit 212 Sub A - " Value / Price top"


    I use this subwoofer for a few months and what I can say is that in terms of power it sends very heavy for its price. Are clear and serious purposes. Of course we are on the average range and therefore should not expect that the greater competition…

  • the box Pyrit 212 Sub A

    the box Pyrit 212 Sub A - gouessax's review


    How long have you use it? - Since June 2013: Purchased by default because not enough credit to make something else with similar but better side on when power ... What is the particular feature you like best and least? Goodies: - The powe…

  • the box MA 120 MKII

    the box MA 120 MKII - " Solid economic and"


    I use four of these returns for 3 years. I love their strength, they have never had any trouble and are still in perfect cosmetic condition after 3 years, has any solid proof, they are real tanks. Finally, their carpet look has big benefits afte…

  • the box TA 18

    the box TA 18 - " Heavy but good"


    Bought used a year ago, I needed a sub to complement a pair of SX200 Elecro-Voice (12 "), to play the piano bar on a large outdoor terrace for the summer season. The machine is awesome, very heavy, probably too big for my use, no corners or wheels,…

  • the box PA 110

    the box PA 110 - " "SATISFACTORY""


    Outdoor use, podium, sporting event, Audiophony CX600 amp setting 3/4, mixer Yamaha MG 124 CX, good range for the microphone but no more, the average musical, indoor sound is far better ideal for rooms 40 100m ² max, for the price it is decent enough…

  • the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle

    the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle - " A sound trust"


    J uses this system for 3 years. J have been his manager for 20 years, and I think that I've got used to just about anything that is manufactured for sound pro sound system and I have a total of over 2000 concerts. I now exclusively dedicated to …

  • the box PA 302 A

    the box PA 302 A - " Response to bonak"


    Even if this gentleman to the same technical skills and auditory spelling, do not listen to his post was oriented. I have 2 friends who have The Box in 12 "300W +100 W, 10" 80W +50 W, 8 "80W +50 W for longer than me and have had no reliability prob…

  • the box TP15/500ND

    the box TP15/500ND - " Very good!"


    we just consider the upscale "The box" fund base is well known, this is a copy of the series semie PS nexus in which fate TASSO used by (or under) several brands ... who are good at the base. Hp for a 15 "and a compression 2" neodymium everything, …

  • the box PA 15

    the box PA 15 - " Excellent value for money"


    Used since 2007 to boost my bass through a Line 6 Bass Pod Pro amp that goes into a 600 MKII Fame. The record is really good, even if the bass are less well restored, we easily get a good sound. Meanwhile, in a home studio, I use the amp at low v…

  • the box MA1220 MkII

    the box MA1220 MkII - " Welcome back to start"


    Their return is a good compromise to start. A quality / price ratio quite interesting. It is very robust. In sound, he does what he asks, power level, in my pop-rock formations, that's enough, sometimes he deserves to be correct in some mediums in …