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Thread Hi from North Yorkshire

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1 Hi from North Yorkshire
Hi From Yorkshire

Just registered have been recording acoustic guitar and female vocals for about six months and looking for tips to improve.
I us a Mac Power Book Pro and garage band have a small 6 channel mixer made by Behringer. Our only mics are dynamic, one a Pevey(nice tone) the other a chinese undescribable import (sounds ok for my graval voice...lol). So far I have only recorded my Ibanez using the built in pick up but my next purchase will be some better mics, reasonably priced suggestions gratefully recieved.

Also at the moment we are only recording into the mac via the stereo input, so only two channels simualtainiously, I can see a time coming when we add a bass to our acoustic set up when we will want more (we prefer to record live if we can) inputs. This is a mine field but I'm going down the firewire line at the moment any comments about the Firepod (presonus) or the Aleis 8 in interface would be appriciated.

Thanks Rob - Wheezi Anna - If your interested hear us on myspace www.myspace.com/kayteeandrobert