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Thread Percussionist here.

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1 Percussionist here.
Hi. Just thought I'd post a note / intro. I'm a drummer / percussionist, and I just registered since I'd like to get some insight into setting up my home studio. I've got a finished attic to devote to the project. Most of the work will be live sessions. No real production, so sound quality doesn't have to be the highest for recording purposes. The room is about 30 feet long, with an 8 foot arched ceiling. It's an attic in a cape cod style house so the roof cuts into the room space. It makes for some strange echos.. They rounded out the corners, so there are no actual cut corners to be super probematic.. so I'd love some input on types of studio foam, or other sound proofing on a budget. Please do point me to any good existing topics, while I'll do a search on my own..

Glad to find the forum...