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Thread noobish me

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1 noobish me
Hey, im Heidi from Norway. Ive been reading this forum, not sure i have anything to contribute..but im sure learning alot.
Im playing a huge online game, and they have their own radio station..
I signed up to be a radio-host..and got the job, and found out that im kinda good at it..who would have thought :p
Its all amatur..but fun as hell..

im such a noob when it comes to music-knowledge and software, but i found out im good entertainer, so that is kind of MY advantage. We all gotta use what we are good at right?
I see lots of professionals in here..but hope there is room for me as well. Im trying to figure out all these virtual dj software, but too afraid to explore..
also trying to make some liners/advertisments to use for my shows..but thats harder than i thought. any tips is welcome.
I use msn and skype if anyone want to give me any tips..
Have a nice weekend all