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Thread hello...my set up.

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1 hello...my set up.
M-Audio - Fast track pro
Abelton live 6
GT player express effects
2 AKG Perception 100's (condenser mics) phantom power
Monster Cables XLR ready


very basic set up. For the money spent,its not bad. we are looking forward to expanding our little studio in the future. I have played with Pro Tools and i guess at some point i will make that leap.


Instruments in the studio are as follows:
-Pacific MX kit (maple) with a 12X7 Black Panther Maple snare.
-Zildjian A series: 8" splash, 10"fast splash, 16" thin crash, 14" crash, 14"mastersound hats.
-wuhan: 16" china
-Acoustic bass, electric bass, electric guitar. fender, ibanez.
-10" and 12" Toca Congas

I am looking forward to spending time here. after 15 years of playing music i finally get to have my own recording studio...as we all know even the basic setups are nice to have. The only downside is the space is located in the house and that seems to limit production.