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Thread Free Live Online Recording Class !

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1 Free Live Online Recording Class !
Free Live on line Music recording classes! Reason 4 & Sony Vegas 8 Just Added

Free Live on line Music recording classes!
74.5% of all #1 singles in the U.S are done on an Solid State Logic (SSL) model G+ mixing console (the same model I built) Now there is a software version of this mixer that sounds and works like the real thing! And it's affordable to pretty much every one! A million dollar mixer on your computer!!!!!!!! Read more Here;


(my students get big discounts)

Every Sat from 11am to 12 (PST) I will be teaching an on line live class on the SSL software and hardware, as well as teaching intro to Compression, EQing, Gating and filtering. If you don't even know what an SSL is come and you'll see and still learn a lot!!!!
Reservations only, limited seating. FREE!!!! (Last year I built a real SSL G+ go to my page and click on "pics" to see.)


I am now teaching live on line classes in Cubase/Nuendo, and Reason, (the exact classes I taught at Musician's Institute of Technology in Hollywood) as well as Pro tools, and Waves Bundle/SSL etc. I am also doing a 12 week (once a week) home recording class based on the class I have been teaching at UCLA for 10 consecutive years. (Not affiliated with UCLA but the EXACT same course I teach there) We will also be having seminars including song listening evaluation sessions with big producers/artists where you can play your songs for them and get live feedback

I am teaching classes and private lessons on Music creation and production, theory and composition, and recording and mixing.

(UCLA Course Description)

Instructor David Banta, Email, LPproducer@pacbell.net (323) 633-3606. I I will be available for conferencing 30 min prior to class by appointment
"The Complete Guide to Home Recording: From Making Demos to Professional Record and Film Soundtrack Production"
X 449.41 Music 4 units
With the increasing sophistication of recording technology and the decreasing cost of hardware, a professional state-of-the-industry sound is well within the reach of the independent musician, composer, recording artist, and music enthusiast. This course offers participants a comprehensive understanding of recording and mixing procedures and an up-to-the-minute familiarity with both the inexpensive and higher-end gear now available to equip the home recording studio--for everything from demo production to professional tracking and mixing. In addition to demonstrations, students gain hands-on experience with a variety of recording gear from the instructor's studio. Guest speakers include three top producers who work in home recording studios: John Barnes, whose production credits include "We are the World," Michael Jackson's "Black or White," Whitney Houston, and Robyn; Geza X, who produced Meredith Brooks and Black Flag; and Tim McLane, who has worked with Selena, Barrio Boyzz, Alvaro Torres, and The Whispers. Topics include home studio set-up and operation, MIDI in the home studio, outboard gear, and mixing at home. Elective course in Certificate Programs in Recording Engineering, Songwriting, and Film, Television, and Digital Entertainment Media. Fulfills Production requirement in Certificate Program in The Music Business and Music Technology requirement in Certificate Program in Film Scoring.recommended reading material “This Business of Music”, and "The Tipping Point"