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Thread Im a 16 yro singer/songwriter

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Topic Im a 16 yro singer/songwriter
to listen to some of my songs go on this www.myspace.com/ryanllloyd they are not perfected though so dont leave any harsh comments lol
if you need help guys hitt me up i have Mastered albums and produced many cds my methods always leave the artist blown away, so hit me up if ya want

hey both of u i can give lots of help with.... im 16 and im a song writer/producer/studio engineer/studio owner, and taking collage classes on pro tools, and ive worked with major lables... so just cuz ur 16 dont mean u cant be doin real well in the industry.. so i just say make your music real hot, and dont tell ur age, cuz once someone hears 16 they jus think some lil punks trian to start a band, witch is not alwase isnt the case

if u guys have aim or msn or yahoo hit me up with it and i can help u
hi i am boost with the loose
I would be 16 by september and i write songs. can you help me?