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Thread can anyone help me with magix audio studio??

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1 can anyone help me with magix audio studio??
hi ppl,:cool: :/ i'm tryin to learn EVERYTHIN i can about production. I used to do a bit on acic but i got a virus an lost the software. i now got magix but its so complicated ..:/. please please help!! at the moment i cant even seperate each track to work on.:rolleyes: i wanna record over a beat sample but dont know how.........thanx guys/galz :D
sorry im terry aka menace by the way!!! lol. im frm Mancheter, U.K. i wanna work this magix out but i'm not the sharpest tool in the box, so any advice u guyz got..... i'll be apreciated. Or if any one knows where i can dwnld acid (any version except a demo) plz get in touch . THANK YOU