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Thread How to sync imported audio

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1 How to sync imported audio
Hi everybody,

I just happened onto this site and I thought maybe someone here can help me. Iike many of you, I have a little home studio, and I use Cubase sx. Here's the question, when I import an audio loop like a drum on track 1 that has a tempo of 100, and then import an audio guitar loop on track 2 with a tempo of 110, is there anyway to sync the 2 loops to play at the same tempo? Or do you know of a program that makes this process easier? Any help in this regard would be great. Thanks.
cubase uses time streching.

and read the rules: no double posting (http://forum.studioathome.com/viewtopic.php?id=144).
Does that mean I have to stretch or shrink the audio until it sounds in sync? Isn't there a quicker, more accurate way of doing this?