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Hi everyone. I live in Norway, and like having fun with music.
This seems like a good place to be... maybe I can learn something about home studios and recording.
I have a keyboard, Technics KN5000 with a mic-input. I also hava a roland keyboard, Discover 5 which actually is a midi-player witn keys and a vocoder. It plays and toys with midi-files and karaoke files mixing the instrument-settings. The vocoder-part has it's own output.
I also have a stratocaster-type guitar with a speaker/amplifier, a normal acoustic guitar and a 12-string acoustic guitar with a pickup and equalizer.. some harmonicas, some mics and some other stuff.

I have some studio equipment too. A yamaha 10 channel mixer (blue) and a behringer 16 channel mixer (1604A or something like that). A pretty new HP computer with an onboard creative audigy 2 soundcard (and a CD-burner of course), another computer with an audigy 2 platinum soundcard installed, a USB model audigy2 (external), a ZOOM H4 hand held recorder which also is a 4-channel recorder with some input holes and output holes. It records on a SD-card, but I think it can also be used as a USB-interface from one of the mixers (or maybe both). I also have a couple of old stereo radios and some old loudspakers that sound okay when I hitch on the keyboards through one of the mixers (I haven't tried the behringer yet).

Software: cubasic, cubase LE, cakewalk home studio.. most of them bundled with some hardware.

I've been toying with the idea of putting this together and trying to record something. I'm sure this is the right place to get some good ideas.

What I DON'T have.. is the know-how to put the stuff together and build a recording-studio, the skill to play the instruments (the keyboards mostly play by themselves, but i can play the melody with some fingers, and I know some chords on the guitar.).. and maybe most important.. a good singing voice.. but so what.. it's just for my own entertainment.

I'm looking forward to learning some stuff here.. and eventually maybe help some other newbies to get started.

Oh yes.. and I hava a book called HOME RECORDING FOR DUMMIES :)

Well-- that was my introduction.. and all for now :) I'm looking forward to exchanging some help and advice and tips with you all.

Bye for now....