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Thread pitch correction program

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1 pitch correction program
The one thing I don't have: A good singing voice.

I know that technology can only go but so far, but could anyone recommend a good pitch correction or vocal tweaking program? I've looked around and I haven't really been able to find anything. Something free would be great, or something with a good demo (so long as it's not one of those stupid demos that generates a random sound every now and again. I hate those.)

Many thanks,
Joey :D

PS: It'll have to be a PC program as well.
try melodyne
Antares auto-tune used to allow a demo period, I don't know if it does anymore.... It's fairly good for little doctoring, but it won't make you a good singer. No amount of digital trickery will.

Here's a better idea: practice, practice, practice. If singing is something you're really passionate about, you can train yourself on pitch. Theres even tutors out there that will help you for a reasonable price (or programs... there was one back in the day called Practica Musica which taught reading and ear training).

Or, focus on what you can make sound good, be it screaming, talking, whispering, depending on the music that you're playing. The message here is that digital trickery can't make you sound good. You can use it to fix things up in a pinch, but if you focus on your ability to perform, you'll create something many times more satisfying in the end. My 2 cents.
I second the vote for Melodyne (link) although hozomean is absolutely correct. If you're no good to start with then no program is gonna make you good, although if you're a few semitones out then melodyne should sort you out.

Let me know if you need a tutorial written and I'll get one sorted.