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Thread New to this Forum...Greetings/Have a simple question. pls HELP.

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1 New to this Forum...Greetings/Have a simple question. pls HELP.
Greetings fellow music junkies. Got turned to your forum while searching for an answer to a simple but head scratching question I have regarding my Berhinger Eurorack UB1204FX-pro, and this is the only place I saw response. (i know it's an older/cheap mixer, wish I would have bought a new one but it's all i got atm). My problem is this; today I got another pair of monitors, M-Audio BX5's, i got them to monitor my computer and use my other monitors to monitor my turntables etc (others are Event). I have the event monitors running into the XLR ports on the back of the Eurorack. Where do I plug in the other monitors (they are self powered and got them to work out of XLR's) I got TRS 1/4 to TRS 1/4 cables and have tried everything I can thing of. I thought going threw the controll room out would work, nothing. Got the ALT to work but only by muting the main output.
PLEASE HELP, I hope i can use the mixer to run both pairs of monitors and makes no sense to me why I can't. THAMK YOU.
not sure if responses show up via email, if not please email me @ advanced2@mac.com.
forum looks very nice and will be posting more interewsting questions in the future, glad to be aboard.
hope to hear soon.