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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 03/10/2007 at 07:05:38
I'm a home recorder. Recorded on teac 4 track many years ago and the twenty plus year old tapes are self distructing! There's a pile of tape fragments under the head on the table every time I play them. Transfered a lot of them to harddrive just to save them for future recording.

I now have a e-mu 0404 and am recording through a Behringer V-amp 2. I use Sonar 4 producer. I play an old 60's Gibson Melody Maker. I use Jammer 6 Pro from soundtrek for drums and have a Washburn bass. I mostly write my own music. Maybe like a folksy rock or something easy on the ears without being pop. Influences are Leo Kottke, EC, Southern rock bands like 38 Special and outlaws, Dire Straits, Steve Miller and such.
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