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Thread introducing myself

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1 introducing myself
Hi, Im Eduardo, from Brazil. Here are the answers for the moderator questions regarding the introduction stuff:

a.What kind of music do you want to do?
Hardcore and Death metal, mostly.

b. Do you want to record individual tracks at a time or a whole band at once?
Individual tracks at a time

c. What do you want to do with your recordings? Demos? Fun for friends? Get gigs? Make a million and get a record deal?
Fun for friends, and maybe demos. But no intention of making money with music.

d. What kind of instruments will you be recording? Live drums? Vocals?
Vocals and guitars. Drums will be played on midi.

e. What kind of computer do you have (or want)? Desktop? Laptop? Include: Operating System, Processor speed, RAM, Hard Drive Space, Sound Card type. USB? Firewire? CD Burner?

Athlon XP 2.0 Ghrtz
Win XP
Hard Drive Space: I don’t know, but will it check soon.
M-Audio sound card
USB: yes
FireWire: no
Burner: DVD burner
Dean Guitar (Like the one that Dimebag Darrel use to play)
Flying V Stag Guitar (bought it when I was in Scotland)
A microphone (dont know the brand)
Zoom G2 effect
Cubase software installed
Sonar software installed

I will take a look at home and update this list a little better. I'm offshore right now, on a drilling rig.