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Thread my introducton

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1 my introducton
Hello all,
First my setup: Pentium 1.7mz, 1 gig ram, 250 gig hardrive running on xp pro, Soundcard: Creative soundblaster X-fi. MIxer: Xenyx 1204 FX(behringer). Speakers: Near 05 by Esi (activ monitors). Keyboard: Roland RS-70. Drums: Ion IDMO1 (alesis copy). Guitar: B.C. Rich strat copy (i think) plus Korg toneworks(pandoras box) guitar effect unit. Amp: Peavy Rage 158. Mic: Behringer C1 condenser.
Software: Sonar 6 plus more plug-ins then a power station.
The story so far: Location: Wet, windy, and bloody cold Denmark. Age A miserable old git of 50. Have messed around with music since i was 7(first instument was violin) and basically have not really ever done much other then kid myself i could play music, then about 2 years ago i decided to get serios so i hooked up with the above mentiond and have really got into actually trying to play some music, yes i have even found out that scales are not just something fish have and i like many would like to learn all about this home recording game so here i am having found finally a site that could help a bit, oh forgot to mention, i have just one very little problem ...not a big deal, but i am tone deaf which i might add makes my dream of making music just a little problematic so get ready forum cause newbies are experts compared to me, but i will add it's never to late to give up on a dream, so see you all in the different parts of the forum!!!!
Welcome to the forum.

%1$s a écrit Location: Wet, windy, and bloody cold Denmark.

Heey man! You from Denmark? Where in Denmark?
I live in Nordvest, around 300 meters from Nørrebro.

Just passed by to see someone on from the same country, though I'm Italian. Hope to hear from you. Maybe even hook up. Anything can go. Give me a message or so, when you get around to it. Would like to hear some of your stuff!

And yeah, Denmark is COLD!! :D

- Nico