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Thread Am I missing something?

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1 Am I missing something?
Hello music friends,

I was browsing the topics, and noticed that there is not a great amount of trafic in the last few months.

Since this is the best forum I have seen, I find it a bith "scary", Is there no need for this anymore?
Am I the onky seeking soul?
The best thing that can happen to a musician/ producing amteur/ semi proffessional, is sharing your knowledge and keep on learning from others.

I hope there are more seeking souls wanting to shate their knowledge and questions.

kind regards,

No mate just been busy putting together all the great information iv had from this site as you said its one of the best on the net
i think they all went to recording.org
after they get bashed over the head a couple of times they will come crawling back.
recording.org is very unforgiving.
u ar wrong cutess...nihility 0000 bond james. they watch d EPL match... in few week later they watch WORLD CUP cutess dud..