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Thread Calling all cadets!

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Topic Calling all cadets!
I've been away for a looooong looooong time but it's been for serious reasons!
I'd like to propose something here.
I'm thinking about building a micro-portal-like web site that will gather music demos from aspiring bedroom musicians -like me :P - that would like to make their demos availlable online. I've been keeping a homepage for my music, which usually hosts 2 or 3 of my demos (quesquared.uni.cc - currently NOT updated!). I don't care if anybody steals or borrows my ideas and i am using a free flash mp3 player to play the music online. If you'd like to be hosted there as well (a small profile, a few demos and a link to your homepage and, later, maybe a blog where you can get opinions on your material) send me an e-mail to discuss how we could do it.
I repeat, it'll just be a place to show that u exist and i have no means to promote you otherwise, but, you never know...
I've heard some really wicked music in this forum and i think that everybody is welcome. Hey, we can make the agents and record companies pay for entrance later on!!! HAHAHA!
Anyway, drop me a line at quesquared@gmail.com if you feel like it.