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Thread Hello. I'm a musician and have recording equipment

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1 Hello. I'm a musician and have recording equipment
Hello. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a long time drummer who also loves music recording and production. I love to play all forms of music.

I also love music recording and production, and have spent the last year reading hundreds and hundreds of pages of articles on music recording, midi sequencing, and production. Being that I studied Electrical Engineering in college and have worked as an Embedded Software Engineer for 13years now, I have a general knowledge of signal processing, filter design, etc. yawn, yawn ( well, I find it somewhat interesting ). I try not to get too buried in technical detail, but can't help but explore a bit for that broader understanding.

I jam with some folks and we record our sessions. I then mix it up and give them all CDs for fun. I apply simple mixing techniques, and effects processing. I prefer to record everything dry so that I have something to fall back on.

My setup:
Various asoustic cymbals ( Istanbul Agops )
Ludwig Black Beauty ( late 70s model ).
Tascam 2488 portastudio.
I also use a mixed bag of freeware/shareware PC software.
Tascam studio monitors.
AKG mics.