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Thread Tascam DP-01-FX-CD

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1 Tascam DP-01-FX-CD
Just got a Tascam DP01. Can anyone point me to a good link or site for tips.? I am having Hiss problems and am looking for anyone who has encountered the same thing and how they rectified it.
Alex B.
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get a program like fruityloops or better yet reason. there are tons of different stuff you can use from sequencing programs like reason and fruityloops to actual VST and DX instruments that you can use. you could be more specific.
also, hi-jacking a thread is not the way to get any answers. create your own post.

I just got the Tascam DP-01 FX/CD also, and I am having similar problems. There is hiss, which I didn't think would be a problem with a digital 8 track, and also, my acoustic guitar sounds SO bass heavy. Even when I turn up the treble and turn down the bass, it's still muddy and bassy. My voice sounds fine, for the most part. Have you had any luck getting answers in the last month since your post? Thanks man-

I increased the level of the recording and the hiss is minimal. By working with the headphone output and the input control, this also helped. My friend who records a lot of acoustic guitar says "get a good mic, ($200+)it will make all the difference in the world."
Here is some stuff I have done with it.
I use a Tascam DP01FX (though without CD). I've noticed a lot of hiss when listening back to recordings on the Tascam but when I've exported tracks by USB to a PC the hiss no longer seems to appear. I only use the Dp01 as a basic recorder and do all the mixing using PC software so this may not be a lot of help but....
I have one of the first DP1FX's. It is a bit noisy. It seems to be noisy in both it's microphone preamps and also in it'sheadphone amplifier. If your Preamp gain is very high, it seems to come through a bit in the recording if you dump it out to some sort of software. There is really nothing to do about it. The components are not the best, which is why it's so affordable, but you can make some killer recordings with it, especially if you dump it into a computer and mix it with some sort of audio software. For the money it is as good as it gets, but there is no real solution it seems like for the noisy part.