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Thread Studio Isolation

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Topic Studio Isolation
Good Morning everyone (or Good Evening)
I have a bunch of questions. I have a music studio at home and iam trying to isolate it meaning that no sound will come in from the outside or go out from the inside. Im using a pretty sensible amplipher mic and the quality is always different because of sounds coming from the outside. Sometimes theres also a reverb in the recordings that i cant explain but probably will stop if the room is somehow isolated. Is there a price worthy and effective way to do this?

to do it 100% is impossible, and getting 90% sound isolation is really hard too. Costly, yes, time consuming, yes, but worth it? completely. if you can achieve a high degree of isolation, then your environment is a step above everyone else's. expect to dump around $3000 on it, maybe more. just google the term studio isolation, or something to that effect and many guides and manufacturers will pop up. homemade stuff doesn't work, but you could buy the raw materials and assembal it yourself.