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Thread Whats Up

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1 Whats Up
Hey whats up! Yeah, Im new here and barely getting used to the forum. Im active on forums, I just hope the forums will be active back. Im actually hoping to do alot of posting on here, Im not like those people who register to get one question answered:P. I think I can not only get support, but also give support.

Anyway, about myself. Im 14 and Im an aspiring rapper/producer. Yes ladies and gentlemen, rap. Im hoping Im not the only hip-hopist on the forum. Well, Im building my home studio piece by piece until I have what I need, to do what I need.
Welcome, Young Ace. It's nice to see a young hip hopist who can spell and use a full vocabulary!!

There's other rappers here. I'm not one, though, so I may not be a lot of help. I'm a geezer blues dude...... :p
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD