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Thread Hi just joined saying hello

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1 Hi just joined saying hello
Hey I logged on locking for information on studio monitors
My set up is an maudio firewire 18/14 interface with a Pc AMD3000+ running cubase sx, Reason, and guitar rig I also have a pod line 6xt live a range of amps and a micro Korg which i use for a midi controller as well as a synth I have also a yamaha AW2816 but as yet no adat card something I will fix soon enough, I am monitoring through a set of Seinnheiser HD250s and a basic stereo set up.

Anyone reading this if you could reccomend a good set of reasonably priced preferably active monitors that would be great.,

Im in the process of building a room in my shed to start making my album, cant, wait.

Cheers andy