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introducing myself and explaining my set up. Hey!



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 06/24/2006 at 19:27:07
Hi I am new here and I like to play some music on guitar.
I just bought a drum machine (alesis sr-16) and thought I should get to know my way around it.
So I will be asking questions about it if you can help.
For my set up I use a digital multi-tracker, a Behringer V-Amp2 guitar amp smulator, and the drum machine.
I do all this soz I can avoid the use of microphones.
The sound quality comes out to be pretty good for pretty cheap.
I think I will put some of it on the web like maybe at
So can anyone direct me as to where and how I might get some new beats for my sr-16.
There has to be a better way than actually programming all that stuff in beat by beat.
Thank you,
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