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Thread building a new studio

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1 building a new studio
i have recently moved house and have now a large enough garden to finally build myself a stand alone bulding to use as a rehersal/recording studio for my band

ultimatly i am looking for some tips on soundproofing before i start so that i can go into this as well prepared as possible and dont create myself problems once i have already started building, space is no so much of a problem as i can build the studio at the end of my own garden and have plenty of space

i have been reading a lot about general soundproofing and the best tech seems to be a room within a room, as i have read so many times tonight "air tight room is a sound proofed room"

as a result i am pretty sure that i am going to try something along those lines of a roof with in a room, due to it being at the end of my garden and backing onto the end of another garden, total silence is not totally esential but the one question i do really have is to do with ceilings

does anyone have any tips as to the best way to stop sound escaping from the ceiling and roof? i appreciate that the room within a room would also mean a ceiling withing a ceiling but this is where things would be a little difficult contruction wise, as to keep costs down a little i am planning on doing all of the buling myself, so any tips on soundproofing ceilings and general soundproofing with