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Thread Noob question - I can't assign any MIDI devices.

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1 Noob question - I can't assign any MIDI devices.
Hi everyone! Sorry for the noob question but I've spent about 6hrs online and reading manuals to figure what's wrong or what I'm missing but nothing seems to work.

I have just installed Sonar 4 Home studio on my laptop which is a Pentium 4 2.4ghz w/ 512mb RAM, and connected it to my Yamaha PF-500 digital piano. I have installed the MIDI drivers of the PF-500 and it shows up as available midi in and midi out ports but everytime I choose them I get a prompt saying that I have not chozen any input or outputs. The drivers show as "Yamaha CBX Driver". The internal soundcard works fine when I choose Microsoft GS wavetable.

I've gone to the options>audio>advance> and chose MME-32bit but nothing works.

About a year ago I downloaded the Sonar 3 demo and it worked fine. I was able to control my keyboard and vice versa. I just got too busy with medical school that I had no time to work with it since. But now I'm at my residency stage and I have a little breathing room to do what I love doing.

Any help would be appreciated! thanks!
Tough problem. I'd probably start by uninstalling and reinstalling the Yamaha driver. How is the Yamaha hooked to the laptop?
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