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Thread Dear Forum

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Topic Dear Forum
Hello I'm Graham, I've done certificate I and II in the music industry, i am setting up a home recording system, i have played in a band (vocal/piano/guitar) for 7 years. I can also play drums and the saxophone. I'm thoroughly interested in recording original works and learning what equipment i'll need with my current powered mixer and computer. Any help I get is much appreciated. I will offer as much advice as I can.

In the meantime I hope this forum become more popular as I've read several hundred posts throughout and the majority of them are left unanswered! This worries me only in that when I come to query I will have no aid and get nowhere! Haha,

See You in there, Gray.

btw I am an aussie and have posted for some help in soundcard and computer forum, please check it out if u can. thx.