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Thread someone feels like giving a brief review/rate for my track?

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1 someone feels like giving a brief review/rate for my track?
Hi everyone, just new here, and i was looking for a rate/review page in the forum, but couldn't find one, so i give it try here...

short introduction;

im a bedroomproducer, using only fl-loops, and a midi conrtollerkeyboard, been (trying to) producing for about 4 years now

I recently decided to go a bit more public, to get some feedback on what i do, so i started searching for sites like this one, and i made my own little webspace. ( http://t-u-m-c.blogspot.com/ )

the track i made last is kinda like a special one, cause i used an el.guitar, wich a friend of mine dropped by about week ago. Although i can't play the guitar (i've got about zero knowledge of guitarplaying) i tried to find some melodies, even by using my thumbs on the snares and other weird handcompositions. But i kinda seem to dig in the result, wich is a bit post-rock oriented (something in the area of 'explosions in the sky', if you know this great band)

anyway, cutting the crap, here is a link :)


any comments are very appreciated!!
thx in advance, t.
fun progression, alot like something for a film score. i can't believe those are midi drums. you play them so well. also great great build of riffs. i liked it overall, but if i could change some things:

-the ambiance (feedback) in the begenning was a little piercing. I would eq the highs off some, and maybe boost the lows.
-the loudest part of the song, towards the end, was a little too loud with the drums. i would bring down their volume a few dB.
-some of the drum sounds in the begenning i felt weren't fitting of the song, but thats just personal oppinion.

and some advice: when you have multiple guitar (or any thing from the same instrument) tracks, its always a good idea to try to separate them as far as possible into their own sonic ranges. for example, place one track in the 200-500hz range, then another in the 500-1khz range, ect. This helps to separate the sounds into more recognizeable and singlular sonic shapes.

keep doing what you doing. i like :-)
Thanks sparrowband, for this usefull feedback ;)

got to remove some credits though, it aren't midi drums i used... i used a combination of different (live) drumloops (bought from dooleydrums.com BTW), sliced into pieces (to variate), and added with soundfonts cymbals, crashes and snares.

I might give the ambiance thing a try, but i like the loudness at the end of the climax (gonna leave that i think). You certainly have a point there about te drum sounds in the beginning, but thats because i was to lazy to play with the slices a lot.. :(

And last, thanks for the technical advice, i miss these a lot, just following your ears isn't enough i guess,.. i'll definately try this!

Regards t.
I liked it!!! The flute in the beginning is amazing! Well done!
I can't go on the link you posted?

It doesn't exist according to FF ;P

Is it just me or did you delete it after a period of time?
Hit me back with another link if possible, would like to review your track!

- Nico