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Thread T-Boss in da house

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1 T-Boss in da house
Hey All,

I come from a background of making instrumentals on a Korg (Trinity and Triton). Recently I had to change locations and I no longer had access to the Korg keyboards I was so used to. After some time, I found out you can use a midi keyboard and some sequencing software to do the same things you could do with Korg keyboards. I operated on a tight budget, so now my set up looks like this.

HP Pavilion ZV 6230 (AMD 64 3200+, 512 MB, Conexant AC link Audio)
M-Audio USB MidiSport (Midi-USB converter)
Yamaha Clavinova (Used)
Cakewalk Sonar Studio Edition 5.0

Everything seems nice and ready to roll. After some struggling with latency issues using MS GS Wavetable synth, I was able to get unnoticable latency with Cakewalk TTS Soft synth. I think it'll take time to learn so many things and that's why I joined this forum. I believe I'll get lots of help here... and I'll also be willing to help out with what I know (and have learnt).
Welcome Tboss!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD