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Thread Home Recording Odyssey Podcast

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1 Home Recording Odyssey Podcast
Hi Everyone,

Just discovered this forum for the first time today, looks a like a great resourse. i will be scouring the topics regularly from now .

My name is Andrew Brierley and I am basically a beginner at home recording. I play guitar, a little bass and attempt very unsuccesfully to write my drum tracks using midi editors.

I also do some Podcasting, I don't advertise or make any money from my podcast nor do I ask for donations of any kind, I just do it for fun, besides it is easier to talk to an audience sometimes then it is to come up with songs to record :-)

Anyway, the Podcast is called Home Recording Odyssey and the tagline is, A program for beginners by beginners. If any of you would care to have a listen I would love to hear from you. You can find it on I-Tunes or go to:


Don't listen to some of the earlier shows though! :-( getting better with each epsiode (I hope)

If anyone has any music they have recorded at home I would love to play it on my show if you are interested, must be your own work of course.

I hope I have not broken any rules here by discussing my podcast, I do intend on becoming a contributor to this forum so please forgive me if I have.

Best regards