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Thread New here, looking for some help!

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1 New here, looking for some help!
Just introducing myself and what I want to do

My name is Will and i'm looking to start up a home studio, mainly for making dance and techno music, but i also play guitar/bass and drums. i have a pod xt live and a computer that can handle pretty much anything, though i probablly need to get a new soundcard.

I'm going to purchase a keyboard, probably something simple like the yamaha PSR-E203. I'm also looking into buying a hardware sampler, specifically the KORG ES1 mkII, and also the KORG ER1mkII drum machine/synthesizer.

I'm just wondering if these would be good to start with. I'm also fairly proficient with fruityloops but would rather go mainly with hardware rather than software, aside from the actual recording.

btw I really don't know how to use these machines, I just read the manuals and that usually solves everything.