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Thread Introducing Burma Shade

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1 Introducing Burma Shade
Hello There.

Burma Shade are a group of five individuals situated in Dublin city, Ireland. They formed in early January 2005 and were at each others throat before they'd even played a note.

They spent a year and a half couped up in a Dublin studio, fueled on alcohol and dope, writing, rehearsing and generally knocking the shite out of each other.

Favouring a two guitar approach and heavy rhythm section to back up the Siren vocals, they have released three E.P.'s;

Only Loser's Lose, But Winners Sometimes Come Second.

Be Upstairs Ready My Angel.

Live At The TBMC.

A selection Of tracks from these 3 E.P.'s plus more information of concerning Burma Shade can be found at:


Any views or comments are always welcome and you can visit the band homepage at :


Or leave a message at:


It is with a sad and heavy heart that we at Burma Shade have to announce the sad and sudden death of our bassist and friend, Barry Black. He was only 26.

This tragic event happened last Friday 8th of September and was a sudden shock to us all. He will be sorely missed by all his friends and family.

"The Rev" met his untimely demise while on a seal clubbing holiday in Alaska last week and we feel that it's best to refrain from details as they may be too harrowing for some to handle.

Of course we will continue if only to honour Barry's memory. Replacing him will be a formidable matter of making a few phonecalls.

We feel that Barry will always still be with us in spirit and his spectral form will also be appearingat a venue near you soon in his new rockabilly outfit "Citizen Sin". Unfortunately due to him losing his corporeal form, Barry will be relegated to Lead Vox as holding a bass would be a bit challenging now - to say the least.

Farewell Baz - you were a good friend, band mate and only a c*nt half the time......