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Thread I'ma rapper useing a home studio that needs help

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1 I'ma rapper useing a home studio that needs help
wut it dew everybody I'm new here thought I'd introduce myself also I have a question I'm useing a program called magixs its a good program but I dont know how to mix and master my songs very well do you have any tips on how to make my stuff sound better?

also ya'll may not beable to help me at all with this but when ever I record my vocals and lay it out it with my dubs in and back ups it sounds good but when I export it out to burn to a cd my back ups get mest up and sometimes my dubs are not in parts of the songs could any body help at all cuz its starting to frustrate me.

I'm also a producer I'm working with fl studios6, Sony acid 5.0 and hiphop ejay wut are some other programs to use that are better I have $150usd to spend? What are some better keyboards to use I have about $250usd to spend?