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Thread Trying to use outboard fx when mixing with cubase .. how ..

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1 Trying to use outboard fx when mixing with cubase .. how ..
I am a 37 yr old music fanatic with variuos musical pseudopodia ... I have recorded one album which goes through folk to rock and all over theplace in between ...

My current ball-scratcher is this , thanks to the nutritional qualities of cheap beans I have bought a couple of outboard fx . I have a tl audio compressor and an spl vitalizer . Both units work well . I want to take a signal out from my terratec dmx 6 fire card put it through the aformentioned stuff and then record it back into the project . I want to do this so I can for example add compression to a track after recording it ( like a vst in effect) .

My terratec card has a line in and a line out . When I take the line out through the units and then into the line in the resulting recording sound like I am playing with the clangers in a large cavern with some kind of psycadellic space rock in the background ,,, now this is not what I am after .. interesting though it may be .

I wonder if I need to do something technical with cubase sx 2.2 or if my sound card is simply not capable of doing what I want ( can you go out and in on the same circuit like this etc)

Can anyone with a larger brain than the recumbant mullet that resides in my rattleing skull help

the in / out connection is fine, the only problem is the impedence on the signal...
a small mixer could help to better control the sound:

terratec line out >> mixer channel input >> effect channel insert >> mixer direct out >> terratec line in

its much more flexible and gives you better control on your signal.

btw... great compressor! :D