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Thread roland clark-deep in house

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1 roland clark-deep in house
Dubai's First House Label Tops The Charts with its first single

Roland Clark - Deep in House www.raisani-records.com/mailout/mailout2.htm

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See what the pro's are sying about this record.....

Deep Dish – “Do you have an instrumental of this? Really like the music/track. On the fence on the vox”.

CJ Mackintosh – I love this track, been pumping the Shik Stylko mix in my sets, great package

Marshall Jefferson – love it, I need another copy, great tune”

Joe Smooth “This is a great remix, full of energy!! I’m lovin it”

DJ Pierre (Chicago) “This is HOTT, gonna do well”

Simon Dunmore (Defected) – “Smooth groove, Great Vocals”

Haneef Raisani –Roland is no doubt the greatest writer out there…def the Shik Stylko & Jon Silva’s dub are my piece of cake…Jon Silva’s bass drums are just makin me go nuts”

[b]Brian Tappert (Soulfuric) – this is great stuff…gonna do well”

Barbara Tucker [/b]-Congratulations with the track with Roland and yourself. Great single.

Matthias Heilbronn-I had a listen and I like the track. I've known Roland for ages and have worked with him quiet a lot. Nice jobs on all the mixes!

Grant Nelson
- Hey Han, Can I get 320k rubs of these? Sounding hot man!

Shik Stylko – “This is gonna be big brother, check out my mix coming your way”

Freddy Sanon (Shelter NY) – “I am very picky when it comes to music but I really like your mix, its hott”

[b]Sergio Flores - Great single, been playing it out and great feedback from the crowd"

Harley&Muscle [/b]– “I'm hearing yr. tracks... Very nice!... Yr. mix is simply perfect!”

Roy Davis Jr – “This track is Hot!! I will play it, fantastic Work”

Eddie Amador – “THANKS MAN! Works for me..dig the tempo and production. Peace- love –house”

Rulers of the Deep – “really some dope stuff, bravo…nice work n great package, love ur mix”

Knee Deep – “Nice work will make the crowd go crazy”

Kid Massive: Thanks for the tracks.. Great work.. Sounding like a wicked single.. I am lovin the Shik Stylko remix!! Blinding 9/10 also like the deeper mix.. all in all a great package which should gain great support.

Ron Carroll – “Great stuff from you guys, keep it comin”

Fish Go Deep – “Sounds great Haneef. Looking forward to hearing the other mixes”

Warren Clarke – “thanks for the promo, love Roland’s vocals and it’s in my CD wallet”

DJ Mannix (Austria) – “Sounds VERY BIG bro-watch next week’s chart! Liking your mix very much too! Great package!”

Audiowhores - All mixes are cool as **** man! Im preferring the Shik Styklo remix the best, but saying that all the others are just as tight!

Stonebridge – This is Quality stuff!

DJ Tekin – “What a remix Haneef, I will definitely buy this single and play it here in Istanbul and on road, really a killer remix”

Scott Wozniak - "A very nice surprise indeed! Totally feeling the Shik Stylko remix. Will be playing this out this weekend in San Francisco. Quality!"

Jon Silva – “Wow – Sounds awesome, got everything that it needs, loving the breakdown”

Noir (Noir Music)–The Raisani&Guidera mix is cool..reminds me of eighties funk track like "Let the Music Play" etc. Really liking the Shik Stylko mix as well. Will def test this baby in the clubs….

The layabouts -LOVING THIS MATE! Great piece of work – deep, juicy, bubbly tasty and dam right danceable! Shik Stylko mix is fav one for me! Easy 9/10 – Will chart this and will be

Gregory Del Piero -hey Bro, that is a very nice package!!! I m confident that this song will do well!! My favourite mixes are the remixes, particularly the Jon Silva one

DJ Oliver: Nice Tracks for the summer and Perfect Production, prefer the Raisani&Guidera 4am Deep in Dubai remix and SHIK STYLKO Remix

The Rhythm Slaves - Really like it man nice track. Really feeling the “Raisani & Guide” Mix

But like all mixes

Stereo Mutants - Great track, really feeling the Shik Stylko mix, this definitely finds its way onto the mutants systems and will get dem girls butts going...

Check it out now on Traxsource.com




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