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Thread New Guy From Orlando!

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1 New Guy From Orlando!
Well, i'm Jake, currently residing in downtown Orlando, Fl.
I've been into recording and producing since i was a kid,
and have recently taken up live recording as my newest venture.
I've been a DJ in the past, recorded tons of electronic tracks
during that period, but i'm discovering that recording actual live music like a band
is a total different ball of wax all together!
My current studio consists of the following:

Zoom MRS-1608 Digital Muli-tracker
1 Shure SM-57
1 Samson CO1 large diaphram Condenser
1 Samson CO2 small diaphram condenser
1 Audio Technica ATR30 Dynamic
1 Shure RS230 Dynamic
1 Artista 10-120 Dynamic
Samson headphone amplifier

As you can see, its a budget setup..hahaa
i'm collecting as i go, and eventually want to get
some really decent gear, but all in good time i suppose.
Right now i'm recording my band American Destitution,
and i feel i'm getting really good results with what i have
thus far, although i definately need to get a few more mics.
I guess thats it for now!
thanks for reading!