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Thread Hello from NC!

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Topic Hello from NC!
I was searching around trying to answer a question that was posted on one of the music collaboration sites I frequent and I came accross your site. Looks like a cool site.

I'm a geek by trade and I play for a hobby. I just recently moved to the triangle area of NC. And hooked up with Rosa Russ (); return false;" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/sultrystorm, www.rosaruss.com). Been a while since I've done the R&B thing. When I was in California I was mostly doing the Jazz Fusion....or attempting to. If you interested in what I sound like you can checkout


Theres stuff from my bands as well as some collaborations I've played.

My studio rig is

1992 Carvin LB76 with Bartolini preamp
2006 Carvin Icon
2000 Warwick Corvette Standard
2000ish Crappy Fender Mexican Jazz 5
2007 Carvin BRX112NEO 800Watt combo
Beringer Truth Monitors
Crappy HP Core Duo laptop
Mag 22" monitor
Presonus Inspire Firewire interface
Marshal condenser mix
Berhinger Euro track mixer
Maudio Keystation 61
Ancient S&S drums
Alesis D4
SWR Workingmans 10
Loki and Lilly Carolina dogs

I would encourage you guys to check out http://www.musicianscollaboration.com if your interested in doing some internet music collaboration. Great people, monster players and no egos there. Well except for mine :D