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Thread Greetings, folks! How cool it was to find this:)

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1 Greetings, folks! How cool it was to find this:)
Hi All,

As introductions - 55 yo. Been playing keys for 50 of them (if you count 12 years on accordian. Switched to guitar in 1966, and been having a ball since. Jumped bacck into synths in the 70's, and I loved the old analog stuff (Polymoog, the early K2 and K3 by Korg, amd the Model 15 moog). Had a house fire and in 95, and alas - they are all history. (sigh)

Don't do any gigging anymore -- just sit out on the back porch with a Pod 2.0 into a Midiverb and then little Frontman w/a 12" for some bottom.

So now I'm getting all fired up to do some guitar recording (multitrack). I went to college in the 90's and did a lot of coursework in the electronic music dept. And I had Master Tracks Pro on my 386 at home - am I dating myself?

Can anyone recommend some recording software? Something that will emulate, say, a 16 track Otari?

I dunno about emulating an Otari, but the two most commn home recording software(s) are Steinberg's Cubase and Cakewalk Sonar (and all of the variations in these families). They both do pretty much the same things.

I'm a Cakewalk guy myself.
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