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Thread Hey folks. Name is James, Guitarist add computer geek (Linux, XP)

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Topic Hey folks. Name is James, Guitarist add computer geek (Linux, XP)
I am currently learning recording and I am sure that is going to take a while but in the year I have learned much about many of the things that hurt getting started.
I currently am running a PC with Intel processor EMT64 p4,3ghz, gig ram. The rest is insignificant with the exception of the Tascam US-122 that powers the 2 condensor mics.
I am now recording daily (with exceptional results) in XP using Audacity for software.
I tried cubase last night and spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why as soon as cubase runs through its tests it crashes XP. Well I think I am all done with Cubase after reading some of the posts on this site.
My machine currently is booting three other operating systems (all Linux distros) geared toward recording. I am not a fan of MS so once I conquer a couple of issues in the Linux configuration or my understanding of how to use the Tascam in this context I will leave XP behind and start working with lower latency systems.
I would love to help others not feel the pain I have been through sifting through the crap in getting their stuff to work. I am at this time no recording engineer but I was until recently heavily involved with computers for 14 years.