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Thread Dwaine...just got my equipment for my little home studio

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1 Dwaine...just got my equipment for my little home studio
Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to home recordng but I've done extensive research to educate myself with the basics. I currently have everything connected to my laptop. I use Sonar 4 Producer Edition. I bought a Tascam US-122 USB interface where I have an AKG Perception 200 mic and a Yamaha MIDI Keyboard CBX-k1XG connected to it. So far I'm able to record wit very little latency. The only thing I'm looking to purchase next are wuality monitors. I've decied to buy the M-audio bx-8 or bx-5 studio monitors. Still haven't decided. Anyways, I came on to the site because I am looking to get monitors and am very confused whether I should switch to firewire or whether ill be able to connect the monitors on the US-122 USB interface. Still a little confused about cables and all that input into my laptop and output stuff. So please check out my topics. Looking forward to shsring advice with you guys!
:cool: Hi Dwaine
I use a tascam 122 as well it's a great device.
If the monitors you talk about are active (Have their own amplifier built in) then you just connect them to the outputs of your tascam. If they are passive(They need a seperate amp) then you connect the amp to the outputs of the Tascam and the spekers to the outputs of the amplifier.
Hope this helps
Gerry O'