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Thread New to this and trying to set up the m-audio Delta 1010 LT

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1 New to this and trying to set up the m-audio Delta 1010 LT
Hello all,
My name is John Kuyten and I reside in Victoria, BC, Canada. My main interests (apart from anything to do with the computer!) are digital photography and video, but recently, in working with video programs and image slide shows, I have taken to adding voice-overs to background music.
In order to improve the quality, I bought a m-audio Delta 1010LT and a AKG C300B mic. I am beginning to think that they are beyond my audio-technical capabilities, as I can't get either to work.
To start with, the m-audio software was not compatible with my OS, namely Windows XP x64. I found a beta driver on the m-audio website and was able to install the driver and it shows up as suggested in the manual.
However I cannot get any sound nor can I input any sound. It's as though the card is even there!
I sent a message to tech support at m-audio several days ago but apart from an automatic acknowledgement, I haven't heard back.
I know that this sounds very basic to your ears, but I'm hping that one of you might be able to steer me in the right direction!
PC Core 2 Quad CPU
Windows XP x64
Original soundcard (with computer) Sigmatel
I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Soundbooth CS3
Sofar I have input the voice-overs with a Shure PG48 through a Sony mixer.