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Thread hello to all..

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1 hello to all..
Glad to be in the presence of like-minded people.

I've been at this computer-assisted music thing, off and on, for quite a long time now. My first soundcard was an ISA slot Roland RAP-10, and my first software sequencer was the old Cakewalk. I switched over, after a while, to Cubase, which I still use today. I've been through a small fortune in souncards, over the years. Presently I'm using an ESI MaXiO 032 with a Penium 4.

My music is composed mostly with virtual instruments, but I also have a Roland XV-5050 hardware synth that I use from time to time, and I've been a singer and a guitar player since childhood, so I often like to add live vocal and guitar tracks to my songs.

I just recently aquired some new webspace, and I'll be putting up some of my musical creations there for you to check out.

I looking forward to sharing some knowledge here, and surely gaining some , too.

cheers :D