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Thread hello. my name is charlie and I am a singer-songwriter.

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1 hello. my name is charlie and I am a singer-songwriter.
My name is Charlie Brennan, a singer songwriter living in upstate NY. After 20 years of writing and demoing, I have recorded my first "album" at a professional studio in Albany NY. I am now seeking advice on what my next step is...I have a shitty career in restaurant management...I would like to earn at least a modest living selling songs, publishing songs and performing. To what end is the web a vluable tool? I will share my own experience, albeit minor, for advice on my own next steps.
yoh Charlie,

There are always some small recording companies on the net looking for people to promote, if you have an entire album. You'll have to search around though...I don't know of any one place that lists em. Many on-the-level companies wil require that you do have at least an entire album worth of songs completed before they'll even give your stuff a listen. You may need to be able to submit quite a few copies of your completed album before you generate any serious interest, and you might also consider that a company expressing interest may not necessarily be headquartered in the USA.

Good hunting!