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Thread hi!

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1 hi!
Hi Guys!
I'm new to the forum. May I intorduce myself?My name is Bass ;-)
I've landed here with you guys because I want to get to know people from all over the world.
What are you guys into? My other interstests include judo, cooking, online and live poker tournaments, sleeping and well...living in general :-P
I already have a girlfriend folks, so nothing too romantic please :-D
I look forward to getting to know you all better :-)
Well hello!
I didnt even know people still do judo, I'd say you're in top physical condition :-) I remember doing it for like a month as a kid, couldnt take the strain anymore after that :-DSo my hat is off to ya!
I like living in general too, so there's something we have in common.
Oh,nad of course...poker. If ya wanna learn some extra strategy techniques take a look at this.it has helped me out an awful lot!
Cooking you say...well,I can safely say I only like the eating part,that is if I didnt make it myself!!!!