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Thread upgrade XP DAW motherboard/CPU

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1 upgrade XP DAW motherboard/CPU
I have a XP Home edition PC for DAW applications. I recently changed the motherboard and CPU from Intel P4 to AMD 64 X2 4600. I get a bluescreen error error (0X0000007E (0XC0000005, …..)) when XP boots up. I am sure it is caused by the CPU change. The system boots up OK in SAFE mode. I am afraid to do a repair from the XP CD if it will be unreliable. Also, I have tons of programs and plugins that I don't want to re-install. My dilema is should I go back to an Intel motherboard and CPU? Can I go to a dual core Intel CPU instead of the AMD and will I still get a bluescreen error?

Advice anyone?
I am coming to that realization. I decided to bite the bullet and do a fresh install with Vista Ultimate.
good luck :)
major changes of the system (like the cpu) need a fresh re-install of the OS.

you have no choice.