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Thread The Virtual Snowbirds are looking for a Narrator and Music Mixer

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1 The Virtual Snowbirds are looking for a Narrator and Music Mixer
Hello Everyone,

My name is Racer and I am currently a member (pilot #2) of the Virtual Snowbirds demonstration team. Our team which is comprised of 9 virtual pilots uses the flight simulation Lock-On which has the most accurate flight dynamics to date for acrobatic formation flying.
Our team goal is to emulate as accurately as possible the air show routine as performed by the real Canadian Forces Snowbird Demonstration Team.
By now you may be asking what in the world is he posting about this subject in our forums for. Well, as many of you know, to put on an air show, you also need to have narration and choreographed music which goes along with the actual flying.
Our group has tried to pre-record the narration and sound track details and have tried playing it back during the show but it just does not work with the timing. If the lead “boss” gets just a little bit out of synch, it throws the entire sound track off time.
With that being said, I am posting here to ask if anyone might be interested in joining our team and performing the duties of “Snowbird #11”.
The requirements for this job would include team narration, music coordination, mixing and playing back at the appropriate timing live as we go thru the routine.
Our team practice schedule is currently Mondays from 7pm to 10pm eastern time and
Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm eastern time. You would be asked to sit in a viewing mode during the show and perform the narration and music duties. All of the music and comm’s will be broadcast thru our dedicated Ventrilo voice server.
You would also be involved with the sound and mixing portions of any movies that the team would put together.
There are other virtual teams out there that have had flight team members do double duty in this area of the show (i.e. Virtual Thunderbirds and Virtual Blue Angels) but our team feels that we can do an even better job than them with a dedicated person to these functions. You are not required to know this particular simulator or will be required to fly. As we all have a great time doing this and have also found it to be one of the most challenging things you can do in a flight simulation environment, we do take this seriously and that being said we are looking for a dedicated and mature person for this position. As you would suspect, there is no payment for services here, just a chance for some great experience and a good time with friends. There are times when the team will perform live shows across internet servers which are broadcast world wide.
You would have to purchase or have the software Lock-On Gold pack which is the flight simulator we all use to be able to see what is going on as we perform. It is not to pricy at about $20 US.
If you are interested in giving this a go with our team, just reply back with an e-mail to me at Snowbird2.racer@gmail.com
Please visit our team website at www.virtualsnowbirds.com and see if this is something you would like to participate in and represent the true sprit of the Canadian Snowbirds.