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Thread www.home-recording-studio-guide.com

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1 www.home-recording-studio-guide.com
I will help you with whatever questions you have, if I don't know it, I will research it ASAP to help you figure out answers to your questions.
One of my studios is centered around Cubase SE and a simple Lexicon Omega setup, with a bunch of Plug-Ins etc...with a nice monitoring system....I record mostly trios and small bands with this setup. It actually works really well !! Actually the Pantheon Lexicon Reverb can stand up to some pretty big time other reverbs....!!!
I could use a little help, not with settings or tweaking, but with a simple audio chain connection.

Using a mixing console preamp...output to soundcard...the pre's sound ok. Now I've just got a rack mount compressor/limiter. What's the best way to incorporate this into the chain for vocals. I was figuring AUX send and return would incorporate it nicely. What do you suggest.

Any help you give me would be great
use the insert plug, send in your effect input, then return from the output.

aux send/return is used for modulation fx rather than dynamic fx.
Could've used a litte more info I guess.
My mixer is a cheaper Alto AMX-100 without an "insert" option.

Would the Aux send and return still work?
if you had (for example) a reverb aux would be fine because it blends with the original signal.

a compressor is a dynamic processor, not exactly an effect. using it with the aux will just mess up you sound since it would mix the original signal with the compressed one, therefore making compression useless.
Hi Deep 6,

ra7or has the right answer it appears for incorparating your compreser into your setup...I will check into the Alto AMX-100 to see if you have any other options just in case. Thanks for the question.;):cool:
Thanks folks!
Possibly need to upgrade the production board to something more versatile in order to start to incorporate the gear?
Well...I guess it's time to do some spring shopping.
Welcome to the Official Launch of the Home-Recording-Studio-Guide.com FORUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the New MAIN Community Site !! :) - (http://www.home-recording-studio-guide.com/main.html :cool: )

For the first 5 days, I will be checking the FORUM every 6 hours to answer your questions personally ASAP !

After that I will be checking in atleast once a day to help you with your questions about your Home Recording Studio
Please share your studio gear list, etc.

Keep On,