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Thread Quick, Read this!

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1 Quick, Read this!
Hey everyone..
so im really new to this whole forum thing
but I'm in desperate need of some help
and the first thing I saw was the "Introduce yourself collumn"
so im gonna do just that

I am a musician of sorts
I play in what now is a one-man-band
Im an aspiring Producer/engineer

as you can imagine, 17 year olds dont have a lot of money
i built the best home studio i could out of what little i have
and I do whatever possible to learn more and more to improve it
and improve on how well i can work it

so heres my question

do i need a firewire or usb mixer to record multiple tracks at once?

Im begging you for help on this

please, let me know

peace n' Love
to record in multitrack you need a multiple input audio interface.

it can be either usb or firewire, everything (starting from the number of inputs and outputs) depends on what you intend to do with it.