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Thread how attractive is a soundproofed home studio in an apartment?

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1 how attractive is a soundproofed home studio in an apartment?
Greetings -

I'm a long-time / first timer here, hoping I can get some feedback and suggestions regarding how attractive is the feature of a soundproofed home studio as a part of an apartment rental in a decent part of a University neighborhood? (Cleveland, actually)

About six years ago, at the same time my guitar teacher was looking for a new apartment, I decided I didn't need all the space in my house - a 1896 Brick Victorian w/ a 1920's one-room rear addition - and decided to turn it back into a fairly large 3-room apartment for him (like it had been split when I bought the place in the 90's). With the thick brick walls and new windows I had replaced, my new tenant LOVED that all night long, when the muse hit, he could record and play with no interference or paranoia. Nobody to the sides of him, or above or below, that one room addition was a BLESSED bonus after years of middle floor apartments, etc...

And what a joy it's been these past years to see musicians of all sorts float in and out, taking lessons or seasoned pro picking acoustic jams on the front porch.

So, here's m' quandry: He's moving on, and I'm thinking, I'd like to continue with these sorts of musician folks... Not a pure capitalist endevour, I really want to offer a place that a creative person would appreciate - weather it be an Americana singer/songwriter or a tech-heavy DJ/producer type. With the apt opening up, I'm thinking of professionally soundproofing that rear addition - perhaps the "room within a room" concept with a producer's window and mixingboard space, quiet lights and quiet heat/cool.

* * * Do you think this bragging-point would garner a lot of interest and a significantly higher rental $ for me?

Does anyone out there have experience or ideas for me? If you are/were a guitarhead, or DIY recording nut, how much value does have? Are there any books or blogs anyone might recommend?