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Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me, I am trying to set up my own little home studio to record my music and really have no idea what I am doing... :/

I have a digital piano, Kawai CN2, which has a midi in and out connection, and I have just got a MIDI controller, Behringer BCR2000, which I got because I thought I would need that to connect the piano to the computer. I also have a PC with just an ordinary sound card, no line inputs or anything, and a DJ mixer Vestax PMC07 pro, which my b/f uses for his DJing but which I can use for this operation if I need it. I also have a cheap mic with a 1/4 inch jack connection that i will need to hook up somehow too.

So... I have all these gadgets and I am not sure how to make them all talk to eachother so I can get a track into Reason on my PC.

I imagine I will need to connect the piano to the midi controller with a midi 5 pin lead which I looked for today but couldn't find one long enough, but while shopping I also saw a MIDI to USB lead which makes me wonder whether I need the midi controller at all, or whether I can just connect the piano straight to the PC???

Any help would be appreciated, I can't seem to find simple information for dummies like me on the net anywhere!!

Thanks for your help... :D
Hi, just following up - could somebody help me ? Still experiencing problems :(
Hi Katrina-

I can see you're confused. It would seem that you have bought some stuff without understanding exactly what it does. Let me see if I can point you in the right direction.

You want the keyboard to be the midi controller you physically play. It will generate midi data at it's midi output. You will need to get the midi data (it is data, not sound BTW) into the computer. For this you will need a midi interface The usb thingy you saw will do this. You hook your midi output to the mid in on the usb with a midi cable. Once you have everything configured correctly, Reason should be able to record the midi you generate with the keyboard. You should be able to assign sounds to the mdid from within Reason.

The Behringer is a midi controller for Reason. You don't need it- you could use the mouse and keyboard to do the same functions. On the Reason screens, you will see a lot of simulated knobs that you can "turn" with the mouse. The Behringer is for people who would rather have a real knob. You can program the Behringer knobs to work the graphic knobs you see on the screens in Reason. It's nice, but it's not required.

For the microphone, you'd run that to the mixer and then run the outputs of the mixer to the line inputs on your soundcard. I'm not familiar with Reason, but I believe it is just a software synth and will not record audio. You will need some audio recording software like Cakewalk or Cubase to record audio.

I realize you are new to this stuff, and I don't wanna be mean, but there is a pretty steep learning curve associated with all of this stuff. The curve is far in excess of the help you'll be able to get from forums like this

You are going to have to read all the manuals that came with your stuff, and invest a considerable amount of time educating yourself.

Good luck!!
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