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Thread Cool edit pro and Layla 20bit

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1 Cool edit pro and Layla 20bit
I'm a verrrry amateur musician/home studioist, was self-taught and using cool edit and Layla circa 1998-2000 satisfactorily after an agonizing learning curve.

Years went by, busy with kids/house/business, didn't keep up with it, then had to change computers and oh, man, nothing but one hassle after another, with which details I will not bore anyone.

Does anyone know the best specs for a contemporary computer array that is likely to work well with cool edit pro and layla 20 bit, eg. processor type and speed, RAM requirements, sound card, windows version, and especially, has anyone found a compatible and available mixer that is easier than that godforsaken Layla mixer?

Or, would it really be a lot better to pay the 80 bucks or so for the Adobe upgrade--would that reduce a lot of hassles?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to address this.

Without "boring us with the details", we can't help you!! What exactly is the pronlem?
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I bought a 1.7 GHz processor with XP home on my laptop, Cool Edit Pro works fine. I am not so sure about the other item you mentioned.